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    WHEN SHE WAS 12, ON THE DAY before Thanksgiving, Fiona Apple was raped in the corridor outside her mother’s apartment. She had walked home from school, and she figures the man must have followed her. At her building she was looking for her keys and she saw this man buzzing the buzzer, then…

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    I’m proud of us.

    petraalexandra I have never seen this show but I happened to catch this episode and that scene had me so close to tears and the whole time I’m thinking “I HAVE NO IDEA WHATS HAPPENING BUT WHY IS EVERYONE SO ATTRACTIVE AND WHY AM I SO SAD” so yeah that sums up my initial supernatural experience

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    Can I look like her for just one day please? GAWD this woman

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    Drifting snowflakes brushed her face as light as lover’s kisses, and melted on her cheeks.

    petraalexandra yeah a pretty scene for like half a minute… This poor girl can’t catch a break gahh

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    "I don’t find our relative insignificance disheartening at all: The main thing it tells me is that in a culture that worships celebrity and the purportedly extraordinary, all people are ordinary people. All people have the same responsibilities to themselves and to each other. Maybe the universe cares nothing for us, but we care about each other. And most encouragingly, we care not just for our friends or family but for the whole enterprise of life—we care about strangers and about humpback whales and, most beautifully of all, we care about the dead. We try with our lives to honor theirs. That’s how we make our lives meaningful, and how we make their lives meaningful, too."
    — John Green, when asked about the running themes of struggling with significance in his novels (via realjohngreenquotes)

    Beautifully put encouraging words

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    "Small talk makes me feel the way I do when a mosquito is buzzing around my head — irritated — and then finally unable to get any relief I just slaughter the damn thing. I slaughter the moment by saying something real."
    — bell hooks, “Wounds of Passion: A Writing Life”  (via katelizabeth)


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    ^ This amazing DIY log table by Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff is my next big project- I have a huge flat, round walnut slab and a piece identical to the picture above- I’ll be making two great tables! 

    Check out her blog (which is awesome by the way) to look at some other neat design projects!


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    Quote(s) of the week - 28/04/2014

    Dangerdust    |    http://behance.net/ddccad

    They are dangerdust and they love chalk. Despite their overwhelming workload at Columbus College of Art & Design they bring it upon themselves to create a chalkboard every week. They have taken over the chalkboard on the third floor of Crane and every Monday a new board appears.

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    If my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.

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